If you want to train to get better for your sport, Athletic Republic Performance Sports Training is your answer. 

Athletic Republic seamlessly combines science and sports to make athletes of all ages and abilities faster, more agile and more powerful. Our patented machines and proprietary programs have elevated thousands of competitors’ performance and dramatically changed the landscape of training worldwide.
Athletic Republic performance sports training centres offer individualised programs that are adjusted by the time of year (in-season, off-season and pre-season), as well as the athlete's physical development and weekly schedule.

The foundation of our success comes through our TEST-TEACH-TRAIN approach to athlete development. We provide athletes with the answers to becoming a faster, quicker and more intelligent competitor. We TEST athletes to determine a performance baseline and identify areas where they can create separation from their peers. We TEACH athletes the same methods used by many of today’s top professional and Olympic athletes to improve sport and position specific movement skills. Then we TRAIN using the most scientifically-proven programs featuring our patented technology, individualized training protocols and real-time video analysis to give every athlete the ultimate performance sports training experience.

AR-FIT is Training for Life

AR-FIT is a program for all adults, not just athletes and is based on Athletic Republics' proven approach to athlete development that has helped more than one million competitive athletes to accomplish their goals. AR-FIT is an advanced fitness program designed to get adults moving better, getting stronger and staying healthier whilst simultaneously improving stamina and durability.

AR-FIT classes include warm-up, activation, circuits/intervals, and a cool down/stretching period. The Small Group format guarantees individual attention that enables every participant, regardless of fitness level, to achieve their goals.


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