Jodie Marriott

Facility Director

Rod Jones

Facility Director

Our mission

To provide a Friendly , Inclusive , Welcoming and Professional Environment.

Training Centres that explore the envelope of opportunity.

Fitness Centres that seek well-being and wellness.

A Community of shared values and open minds.

YMF First Gym - Nov 2016 Buderim


Now with 3 Training centres

YMF 24/7 Buderim

Boutique - Ambient - Community - a facility for everyone where you're a family member , not a client - our staff will say hello - look at you as they say hi - and be interested in your day.

YMF 24/7 Forest Glen

A totally different feel - Industrial - Open - Sports Minded yet sharing all the ethos of our Buderim gym. Co-located with our amazing ATHLETIC REPUBLIC SPORTS PERFORMANCE CENTRE.



Sharing our building at Forest Glen with YMF 24/7 Forest Glen - AR is Located at the Intersection of Sports and Science - ATHLETIC REPUBLIC is the culmination of over 1 million athletes trained and 3 decades of evidenced based sports science evolution. 

if your serious about TURNING YOUR POTENTIAL INTO PERFORMANCE then you need to be training at AR.

The YMF group plans to operate multiple AR facilities in Australia - currently there are in excess of 30 Athletic Republic facilities worldwide and over 100 AR Acceleration Centres.

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