YMF 30/30 Challenge 

It's SO much more than just

30 Classes in 30 Days

Transform your habits, your health, and your wellbeing.
Challenge yourself to so much more than 30 YMF Fast30 Classes in 30 days.
Have fun and shift your mojo into hyperdrive to build a happier, healthier you.

30/30 Package Inclusions:

  • A focus on FUN

  • A fantastic range of existing and new classes to challenge you

  • 'I'm up for the 30/30 Challenge' training tee

  • An Evolt360 Body Scan before and after the challenge

  • A PT buddy assigned to you for the challenge duration to answer any 'how-to' questions

  • Our 30/30 Handbook designed to help you succeed

  • Access to our 30/30 Facebook page for support and resource sharing

  • An invitation to join us at the presentation breakfast, at the end of the challenge.

Everyone who completes the challenge successfully will also receive:

  • 'I've beaten the 30/30 Challenge' training tee

  • 'I've beaten the 30/30 Challenge' success certificate

  • Everyone who attempts the challenge is a winner. 

  • A 30/30 Champion will be crowned.

Scoring will be based on:

  • Number of classes attended over the 30 days

  • Transformation success based upon the Evolt360 Body Scan and fitness test

  • Attitude, engagement, and support of others.

Awesome prizes for our most ‘challenged’ participants:

Existing Member